Critical Care

A critical care team manages the treatment of patients who are severely ill with life-threatening conditions. These highly trained healthcare professionals utilize advanced monitoring equipment and treatments to provide constant vigilance and comprehensive care tailored to each patient's needs. Critical care units treat patients suffering from traumatic injuries, complications from surgery, acute illnesses such as stroke or heart attack, respiratory distress, sepsis, and more.

Multidisciplinary Expertise
Our critical care team is led by Dr. Chandana, a highly experienced interventional pulmonologist skilled at managing respiratory infections and complex cases. Strong interdisciplinary collaboration through combined decision-making, multidisciplinary discussions, and a non-hierarchical team dynamic allows seamless and comprehensive patient care.

Diligent Communication
Keeping families informed is a core priority. The entire team counsels attendees frequently, sometimes 3-4 times daily, providing transparent updates on the patient's status and building a foundation of trust that improves outcomes.

Stringent Patient Monitoring
Our nurse-to-patient ratio of 1:1 facilitates constant, minute-by-minute monitoring of critically ill patients. Advanced training equips nurses to respond swiftly to any changes in condition.

Infection Prevention
Robust infection control practices minimize risks of hospital-acquired infections, contributing to quicker post-operative recovery for surgical patients admitted to the CCU. 

Whether managing life-threatening traumatic injuries, acute illnesses, or complications from complex surgeries, our critical care team utilizes a holistic, evidence-based approach for the best possible outcomes at a critical care hospital in Hyderabad.

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