Our Heart Transplant Specialists

Leading in the specialty of transplants, we house a team of the top heart transplant specialists in India dedicated to offering comprehensive healthcare services to you.

Top Heart Transplant Specialists in India

Our team of heart transplant specialists at STAR Hospitals is committed to providing exceptional treatment and care. A heart transplant is a complex surgery that involves replacing a patient's failing heart with a donated heart from another person. After carefully assessing each patient's eligibility based on their medical history, current state of health, and the accessibility of the donor's hearts, our specialists perform the surgery.

At STAR Hospitals, we are aware of the scarcity of donor hearts and the dangers of undergoing a heart transplant. Our experts offer continuous observation, medication control, and assistance with a multidisciplinary team of surgeons, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, and nurses collaborate closely with our heart transplant specialists to ensure detailed pre-transplant evaluation, precise surgical procedures, and thorough post-transplant care.

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