Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery: Reviving Mobility

Professor’s journey from pain to freedom

Dr. Neelam V Ramana Reddy
Professor Komali Prakash's life took an unexpected turn when arthritis struck, hindering her once active lifestyle and leaving her in excruciating pain. Determined to find a solution that didn't involve surgery, she discovered a glimmer of hope through the success story of someone close to her who had undergone bilateral knee surgery at Star Hospitals under the expert care of Dr. Neelam Reddy. This encounter led Professor Prakash to embark on her own path to recovery and rediscover her mobility and joy for life.

Before arthritis disrupted her life, Professor Prakash was an active individual, cherishing every moment of her daily activities. However, the relentless pain in her knees severely restricted her movements, forcing her to relinquish cherished hobbies and passions. The pain grew so intense that walking freely became an arduous task. Initially hesitant about surgery, Professor Prakash's perspective changed after hearing about the positive experience of her friend who had undergone a successful bilateral knee replacement at Star Hospitals, under Dr Neelam Reddy. Encouraged by the recommendation, she decided to consult Dr. Neelam and immediately felt a sense of confidence and hope after the consultation.

Ten days before the scheduled surgery, Professor Prakash underwent a series of pre-surgical tests at Star Hospitals. The attentive and caring staff guided her through the entire process, making her feel comfortable and assured. Following a thorough screening, Dr. Neelam gave her the green light for the surgery, further solidifying her faith in the medical team.

With the option to choose Robotic Surgery, Professor Prakash embraced this cutting-edge technology for her procedure. The advanced technique offered precise and minimally invasive surgery, promising a faster recovery and improved outcomes. Filled with hope and anticipation, she went into surgery with a positive mindset, knowing that she was in capable hands.

Within three days after the successful surgery, Professor Prakash was discharged from the hospital; she continued her post-operative physiotherapy sessions With each passing day, she felt her strength returning, and the once excruciating pain subsided significantly. She noticed remarkable improvements in her mobility. The robotic surgery had effectively addressed her knee issues, allowing her to walk without the aid of any assistance. Gone was the limp that had become a constant companion; instead, she regained her natural walking style, exuding confidence with every step she took.

Professor is grateful to Star Hospitals and the remarkable work of Dr. Neelam Reddy – she can now embrace an active and fulfilling life with a newfound appreciation for the simple joy of walking freely once again.

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