Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

The pediatric cardiothoracic team at Star Hospitals stands as a beacon of hope for the vast number of children with heart diseases that are unable to afford medical care. Dr. Gopichand Mannam, leads this team of surgeons with the ethos of compassion and expertise. Supported by the generous contributions made to Hrudaya Foundation for the past 2 decades, this team has saved the lives of over 7000 children. 

Dedicated Quality of Care

A competent and committed team of surgeons, pediatric anesthetists, intensivists, nurses, and other staff form the core group that delivers high quality care to these patients. Our dedicated pediatric ICU is equipped with the latest Neonatal ventilators, High Frequency Ventilators, and Nitric Oxide Delivery systems that allow us to treat babies below 2.5kgs and those with complex pathology. 

Never Refuse a Child

We have never refused a child with congenital heart disease. Today we attend to the most complex subset of patients that get refused at other institutes. Most of these children are a few days old and need to be operated on immediately. Year on year more complex and critically ill children turn up at our doorstep, requiring us to constantly upskill and advance our technology. An expert team from The International Children’s Heart Foundation, USA, has visited STAR Hospitals and trained our teams for 4 consecutive years in advanced procedures for saving little lives. We are a member of the International Quality Improvement Collaborative for Congenital Heart Diseases, an initiative by Boston Children’s Hospital, USA. This independent body collects and reviews our results annually. We are proud to announce that we have a 95% success rate.

Social Commitment - Hrudaya Foundation

Our team generously waives the surgeon cost to children who come from underprivileged backgrounds. All the hospital charges are funded by an NGO, Hrudaya - Cure a Little Heart Foundation. Hrudaya was founded by Dr.Gopichand and other benevolent individuals in 2004, to answer the plight of thousands of children in India suffering from Congenital Heart Diseases who do not have the means to afford care.

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Treatments and Procedures

  • Arterial Switch operation
  • Arch Hypoplasia 
  • Taussig Bing Anomaly
  • Damus Kayes Stansel 
  • Complex Biventricular Operations
  • Double Switch Operation
  • Complex Pulmonary Artery Reconstruction 
  • Hybrid Techniques
  • Neonatal BT shunt, PA Band 
  • Bidirectional Glenn shunt
  • Fontan Operations 
  • Surgical treatment for ASD, VSD, ToF, PDA 
  • Transaxillary and Ministernotomy  
  • Aortic Root Procedures 
  • Pediatric ECMO

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