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Microbiology is devoted to culturing, examination, identification of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, yeast, viruses, parasites and plays a crucial role in diagnosing infectious diseases .The department is led by highly qualified specialists Dr.K.S.Vaisakhi , STAR Banjara and Dr. Anuradha Sreeram, STAR Financial District. The team specializes in identifying pathogens using various techniques and state of art equipment. They assess antimicrobial resistance, and provide valuable insights to all specialties across the hospital . We perform all high end testing, which are then interpreted by highly qualified healthcare professionals to guide the patient care and treatment decisions.

Immunology testing is also performed to assess the immune system‘s response to infections, autoimmune disorders, allergies & other relavant conditions which includes antibody testing. We house advanced technological diagnostic methods for more accurate and effective immunological testing along with ELISA , Immunoblot technique, Immunofloroscence(IFA), PCR technology, Multiplex assay (FILMARRAY), and automation with state of art equipments are being used.

Gene testing for antibiotic resistance is also provided by the department, which would help the clinical consultants for targeted treatment and minimise the usage of antibiotics as a part of implementation of Antibiotic stewardship programme.

Department of Microbiology as a team, works as vital in guiding patient treatment plans & ensuring effective healthcare outcomes.The department is always ready for any new  testing  challenges 24/7 for any outbreaks  in support to the commitment of the management to serve the nation.

Apart from routine bacteriology testing, infectious & non-infectious (routine) serology testing, is conducted on daily basis and reports are issued as per the defined TAT, always in compliance with National guidelines for epidemiological purpose. The Laboratory is also NABL & NABH accredited as per recent standards. oversees the training compliance & monitor the implementation of infection prevention protocols by guiding the screening ,isolation protocols for MRSA, VRE,MDRO organisms.

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