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Interventional Radiology

STAR Hospital has some of the best Interventional radiologists in Hyderabad. Being a  super speciality of radiology, IR uses image guidance like ultrasound, CT, MRI, and fluoro, to diagnose abnormalities inside the body and treat many medical conditions with small incisions, through minimally invasive methods thus avoiding the major surgeries. IR offers most procedures to be done in local anesthesia without general anesthesia. Most of the procedures are daycare or outpatient procedures with safety and better outcome and less hospital stay reducing the medical costs.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art, advanced Cathlabs with high-resolution neuro and peripheral Angio suites, 3D rotational Angio and 3D CT supported by advanced software applications. These are highly useful in advanced and complicated procedures like complex intracranial embolization, aortic and gastro interventions. Interventional radiology offers treatment from head to toe involving different specialities like neurological sciences, cardiac sciences, vascular, oncological, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, gastroenterology, hepatology 

Neuro Interventions

We work closely with our neuro team to treat patients suffering from aneurysms through coiling/Flow divertors, strokes through mechanical thrombectomy, carotid stenosis through relevant stenting, arteriovenous malformations from embolisation.

Obstetrics and Gynae disorders

Incase of issues like vaginal bleeding, fibroids or AVMs, we regularly perform a non-invasive Uterine Artery Embolization (UAE). For women dealing with infertility, we do a simple X-Ray procedure,​Hysterosalpingography (HSG), to view inside the uterus and fallopian tubes, and perform fallopian tube recanalization in case of any blocks or adhesions. 

Renal and Urological Interventions

For those suffering from varicocele or pelvic congestion syndrome, we perform spermatic vein or ovarian vein embolisation/sclerotherapy; and for BPH, we perform prostatic artery embolisation. Venous and dialysis access interventions like fistuloplasty, central venous stenting, placement are regularly conducted.

Vascular Interventions

Laser ablation for varicose veins, angioplasty/stenting for peripheral arterial diseases, Catheter directed thrombolysis/thrombosuction for DVT/ arterial thrombotic occlusion. Intravascular lithotripsy for high calcific burden occlusions. Embolisation/sclerotherapy for peripheral AVMs/hemangiomas. Stent grafting for iliac/ aortic aneurysms(EVAR,TEVAR). 

Gastro and Liver Interventions

Hepatobiliary and transplant related interventions like PTBD, TIPS/DIPS, Hepatic vein /IVC stenting /venoplasty, hepatic artery angioplasty/ thrombolysis, BRTO/PARTO for gastric varices. TACE /TARE for liver Malignant tumors, Embolisation for GI bleed

Ablations and Other Embolizations

We support our oncology team by performing ablations on malignant tumors of the liver, lung or kidney,  benign thyroid nodules and Osteoid osteoma ablation. We also cover a wide range of other embolisation procedures, for acute post traumatic bleeds, hemoptysis, osteoarthritis and Pre-Op tumor embolisation.

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