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STAR In addition to providing the best possible clinical care, STAR Hospitals also focuses on disease-oriented research programs. The programs are designed to better understand the causes of diseases as well as strategies for diagnosing, treating, and preventing them. Some of the research programs at STAR Hospitals are Intellectual Property Rights granted to a novel device called Mammary Artery Surgical Platform (MASP) was invented, designed and developed by Dr Lokeswara Rao Sajja, consultant cardiothoracic surgeon and director of cardiovascular surgical research at STAR Hospitals, Hyderabad and Naga Srinivasa Sravan Kumar Manchikanti, a biomedical engineer more.

ART Trial
  • One of the participating centres for the ART Trial conducted by Professor David P. Tuggart
  • Comparing single internal mammary artery versus bilateral internal mammary artery for coronary artery bypass grafting of the 10-year survival
  • Comparison of beating heart (off-pump) coronary artery bypass grafting versus conventional on-pump – CABG in the Indian population
  • Off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting in patients with renal insufficiency undergoing surgery for CAD
  • Mid and long-term follow-up of various bioprosthetic valves in the Indian population
  • Complex aortic interventions for aortic diseases
  • Executive Health Program
  • 3D echocardiography for evaluation of right ventricular function


A variety of state-of-the-art core facilities provide services and technology to our research programs. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of scientific technology in a rapid turn-around time while operating in a cost-effective manner. STAR Hospitals’ core facilities are staffed by an expert research team. Here are some of our research labs…


The department of microbiology aims at providing accurate and reproducible results on clinical material within the shortest possible time. The availability of round-the-clock laboratory services, online reporting and use of state-of-the-art equipment.

The department is actively involved in infection control activities of the hospital


-Bactec 9050 for all blood cultures from BD-Micro Scan Autoscan4 from Dade Behring-Bio-safety cabinet-class 2 from Biohazard-Axsym system – Fully automated from Abbott.


The Department Of Pathology At STAR Hospitals Offers Routine Haematological Investigations which includes:-Hemoglobin Estimation-TC-DC-PCV-ESR-CBP-Complete Haemogram-Platelet Cell Count-Reticulocyte Count-AEC-BT-CT-Peripheral Smear Examination-Bone Marrow Biopsy Aspiration-Trephine Biopsy-Complete Urine Analysis-Urine for Benzione Proteins-Urine for Micro Albumin-Sickling Test-Semen Analysis-CSF Analysis.

Histology & Cytology Lab

The histology and cytology lab is equipped to prepare tissue for microscopic analysis. Work on orthopaedic, neurologic, and selected forensic samples is frequently carried out.


-Fluid Cytology-FNAC

Histopathology-Light Microscopy-Immuno Histochemistry (IHC)-Sysmex KX21- Automatic analyzer for Complete blood count/Complete blood picture from Transasia-Easy rate-for Erythrocyte Sedimentation rate (ESR) from Ranbaxy-Cliniteck Urinometer- for all urine parameters from Siemens


Research at STAR hospitals is aimed at facilitating the powerful, real-time connection that takes research straight from the laboratory bench to the patient's bedside, and spans the breadth of modern medical science. Our research is focused on creating new and better ways to treat patients and improve the multiple lives we touch each day. Our team is involved in cutting-edge research projects and has published papers in many national and international journals..

We also work in collaboration with other hospitals, research organisations and healthcare companies to foster our research objectives and take the benefits of research to a bigger platform.

We invite research institutions and organizations to join us in our drive to provide better and evolved healthcare services to patients, in helping to treat untreated conditions. From collaborative research to the exchange of technological know-how, there are seamless possibilities to harness each other's strengths and foster medical science and clinical services.

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