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The data provided and available at www.starhospitals.in is the sole property of STAR HOSPITALS. You are allowed to either view or use the data provided here for non-commercial purposes only, and are required to include the following copyright notice: If you aspire to make use of the data provided in website, it’s necessary to take permission. The data is protected by copy right under Indian laws. Any violation of these laws is punishable by Indian Jurisdinction.


This website, www.starhospital.in , is an informational website. The information provided till date are accurate and up to date. However the website and the hospital do not vouch for either the veracity of the data provided. Being a hospital website it consists of some data regarding diseases, diagnosis, symptoms and medicines. However such data should not be used as an alternative for professional medical advice or treatment. The hospital and its doctors and anyone and everyone affiliated to it are not responsible for the further issues, if you choose to use the data provided in the website with discretion. By using the website you agree to abide by our rules and conditions.

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