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How kidneys affect a healthy lifestyle?

How kidneys affect a healthy lifestyle?

Kidneys are key to maintaining overall health of one's bodies. The fascinating thing about kidneys is that they filter waste products, toxins and excess water from blood; a highly efficient flush system. So, it is only right to keep it functioning well.

Here are some tips to help keep kidneys healthy:

1. Controlling blood sugar

Kidney damage is highly likely to occur in those who have a predisposition to diabetes - a condition that causes high blood sugar. Kidneys are forced to work doubly hard to filter blood when the cells can’t use glucose (sugar) in the body, due to this diabetic condition.
Hence, keeping a regular check on blood sugar levels can reduce the risk of damage. When caught early, steps can be taken to reduce further damage, if any.

2. Diet and weight monitoring

People who are overweight or obese are at risk for health conditions that can damage kidneys, which include diabetes, heart and kidney disease.
Following a healthy diet that’s low in sodium, processed meats, fruits and whole grains taken in limited quantities may help reduce the risk of kidney damage. Regular exercise including walking, cycling or other physical activity is sure to help maintain a healthy body.

How kidneys affect a healthy lifestyle?

3. Optimum fluid intake

This comes to mind whenever kidney issues are discussed. Though it’s a commonly suggested tip, drinking at least 1.5 to 2 liters of fluids per day is good advice. Consistent water intake is healthy for kidneys, in that it helps clear sodium levels and toxins from the blood.
Factors like climate, exercise, gender, overall health, pregnancy or breastfeeding are important to consider when planning daily water intake.

Point to Note: People who have previously had kidney stones are advised to drink a bit more water to help prevent stone deposits in the future.

4. Keeping a check on self-medication

Regular intake of over-the-counter pain medication for headaches, joint or muscle pains may cause kidney damage.
It is advisable to consult a doctor about kidney-safe treatments while coping with pain.

Additionally, getting to know if kidneys are at risk for damage or disease is always recommended, as part of regular health check-ups. People who might benefit from regular screening are:

  • Those over 60 years old
  • Those with a hereditary cardiovascular condition
  • Those with a family history for high blood pressure
  • Those born with a low birth weight
  • Those who are overweight or obese
How kidneys affect a healthy lifestyle?

Getting ahead of any damage can help slow or prevent future damage.
Maintaining an active and health-conscious lifestyle is the best thing to do to make sure one’s kidneys stay healthy.

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