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What are the Immunity Boosters for Women and Men?

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Our immune system does a remarkable job by defending us against disease-causing microorganisms. We have understood the need to build a strong immunity the hard way during this pandemic. While we are all trying different ways to boost our immunity for Covid, let’s follow these steps in order to maintain a healthy immune system.

Exercise: Good or bad?

Regular exercise builds pillars towards living a healthy life. It improves cardiovascular health and lowers blood pressure while controlling body weight. Exercising can help to build a stronger immunity as it can protect the body against a variety of diseases.

Learn to manage stress:

Research has shown that high-stress levels may impair the immune system. So whenever possible, try to be aware of your stress levels and work to lower them when they get too high.

Vitamins to boost immunity system:

All these vitamins are vital towards building a healthy body, so make sure you get enough of these on a daily basis.

Vitamin B: Papaya, kiwi, red bell peppers, and green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli are full of vitamin C, which is very important towards boosting one’s immunity, Citric food like oranges, grapefruit, limes, and lemons are extremely rich in vitamin C and must be included in your diet.

Vitamin C: can be used to reduce the swelling in the shoulder. It creates a numbing effect to the pain. Use a soft towel to cover the ice pack or bag of peas, whichever is available. Be careful to not put the ice pack directly on your skin.

  • 90 mg in men
  • 75 mg in women

Vitamin D: Greek yogurt is a great source of vitamin D, which helps regulate and boost the immune system.

Vitamin E: Avocados and almonds are rich sources of vitamin E and have healthy fats. An adult needs approximately 15 gms of vitamin E per day, which is half a cup of almonds.

Zinc supplements:

Consume a diet rich in zinc such as crabs, lobsters, and oysters, or take supplements to increase the level of zinc in your body.

  • 11 mg in men
  • 8 mg in women

Supplements to boost your immunity:

Even the best supplements for the immune system may do more harm than good to your body. They might trigger autoimmunity and other problems related to immunity boosting.

You must consult with your doctor before taking any supplements as you may have to face side effects of immunity boosters if you don’t.

Immunity boosting foods for women:

Men and women age differently and with age women experience a change in their metabolism, mood, and other health issues. Maintaining a healthy diet and getting regular exercise can help them feel significantly better and boost their overall health. Immunity-boosting foods for women include apples, carrots, oily fish, nuts, and eggs.

What to avoid?

Avoid consuming alcohol or fizzy drinks, smoking, and food that is deep-fried or filled with spices. These are more likely to lower your immunity levels and that is the last thing a body needs during such times.

Lastly, our suggestion would be to take the shot of the vaccination to stimulate the immune system to protect you against the virus. You can book a slot for yourself or walk into Star Hospitals after filling a form with your identity details.


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