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Dr. Phani Prasant Mulakaluri

Consultant Psychiatrist

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  • MD in Psychiatry

  • Professional Highlights

    Professional Highlights

    • Holds a Lifetime Membership in the Indian Psychiatry Society.
    • Also, a permanent Member of IPS – TSB. 
    • Past position of an Editor for the Telangana Journal of Psychiatry from 2014-2016
    • Was awarded a Gold Medal in Biochemistry and Ophthalmology during the course of his MBBS
    • Denoted Guest speaker in Various HPS meets ·
    • A Prolific Speaker at APSYCON 2011 on the topic : “Why and When of Mood Stabilizers” ·
    • He also chaired a session in the International Symposium of Schizophrenia. 
    • Authored the work - Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders in First Degree Relatives of Opioid Dependent Patients”-published in Addiction International Journal in 2005. 
    • Presented a paper on “Bipolar Disorders” in ANCIPS 2003 
    • Represented India and presented a paper at the World Congress of psychiatry in 2014 which was held in Madrid, Spain.


    • Holds expertise in handling Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry, DE addiction, and CBT.
    • Along with an extended knowledge in handling Schizophrenia, OCD, Child Adolescent Psychiatry, Bipolar Disorder, CBT, Anxiety Disorder, DE addiction, Liaison Psychiatry, Psycho sexual Disorders, Geriatric Psychiatry

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