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Covid Vaccine - Meeting The Needs Of The Whole World

Extra Corporeal Membranous Oxygenation (ECMO)

We are still getting used to living in the midst of a pandemic. While we are concerned about new ways of living such as working from home, getting used to wearing a mask or maintaining social distancing, the Healthcare industry is taking a risk everyday by working day in and day out.

Their phenomenal research and hardwork has paid off in the form of decreased deaths throughout the world and has given the common public a new hope in the form of the COVID vaccine.

Vaccines have saved millions of lives each year. Vaccines work by training and preparing the body’s natural defences, the immune system, to recognize and fight off the viruses and bacteria they target. If the body is exposed to those disease-causing germs later, the body is immediately ready to destroy them, preventing illness.

With the introduction of the COVID -19 vaccine, the whole world is hoping to reduce the extent to which the virus has affected our lives, and to emerge with a stronger and more positive outlook towards life. The vaccine is being made more accessible as the main goal is to protect people of all countries. The WHO has prioritised people who are at a higher risk.

All the vaccines are being approved by the WHO first on the basis of human trials before making it available to the common public. All health workers involved in the implementation of COVID- 19 vaccination in Hyderabad and all over the world need to have adequate knowledge and skills to be able to make it easier for the patients. This step has been taken by the healthcare department in order to ensure safe and efficient vaccine administration.

It is safe to get vaccinated at Star Hospitals, as we have taken all the possible measures to give our patients the most comfortable experience we can. Our staff has been adequately trained to explain the patient about the entire process well in advance and to prepare them about the same. You can rely on us to make your vaccine experience smooth and comfortable. You can never go wrong with STAR.




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