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The most important insight to be known is that High blood pressure could lead to many complications of diabetes which include diabetic eye disease and kidney disease or make them worse. Did you know that most people with diabetes eventually have high blood pressure, along with other heart and circulation problems?

The blood pressure reading that is at the higher end of normal (120/80 to 129/80), which is called elevated, has a thorough impact on your health.

What Should Your Blood Pressure Reading Be Around? What is considered safe?

Although readings may vary, most people with diabetes should have a blood pressure of no more than 130/80.

There is no specific medicine till date to treat dengue infection but it is advised to see a doctor as and when a person develops any warning signs. Ample amount of rest, coupled by consumption of fluids to remain hydrated will be of some help. As it is rightly stated that prevention is better than cure, we should always remain cautious of our surroundings and ensure avoidance of mosquito bites. We can tackle dengue from our end by incorporating small changes in our lifestyles and abiding by few precautionary measures. Some of them include:

Normal blood pressure could be considered as important as good control of your blood sugar levels in case of preventing diabetes complications.

Knowing the Symptoms of High Blood Pressure include:

Note: In general terms, high blood pressure has no symptoms and that is the reason why you need to check your blood pressure regularly.

Also, many of the things you do for your diabetes will help with high blood pressure in case of diabetic patients.

For instance,

  • Control your blood sugar.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Eat healthily
  • Exercise on most days.
  • Keep your weight in a healthy range.
  • Don't drink a lot of alcohol.
  • Limit how much salt you eat.
  • Visit your doctor regularly.

Other regular habits you could imbibe to keep your health condition in check are:

1. Get up and add some movement in your day

Exercise is unarguably the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. It not only strengthens your heart but also enhances its pumping capability. This helps especially when you have hypertension.

2. Eat fresh

Foods in the natural state are always the best to consume, either in the form of smoothies or juices or as salads. Along with fulfilling your cravings for delicacies, they also fulfil your requisites for a healthy physical form. Foods such as those in processed cans can and should be replaced by healthier ones, whole grains, lean meats etc.

3. Cut down on salt

Planning to go on a low-sodium diet? Consume no more than 1,500 mg per day. The smartest first step is to get rid of the salt shaker. Replace it with salt-free herbs, spices and other seasonings.

Watch out for hidden sodium in the foods you eat.

Some foods could have high hidden sodium levels, could be:

  • Processed foods
  • Canned foods
  • Prepared or frozen dinners

4. Timely Medication

If you are a patient with diabetes and high blood pressure, you should consider taking medications that can relax blood vessels.

The most important thing about medications is that you must take them regularly, on time and with no delays. Skipping just a day can result in high blood pressure, so ensure to cover as quickly as possible on those missed doses.

5. Alcohol Limitations

If you have diabetes, it is important to learn to monitor your alcohol intake. Firstly, find out if consuming alcohol is okay with your health provider. This is important in case of hypertension because consuming large amounts of alcohol increases blood pressure.

6. Quit smoking

Are you a smoker, quitting it shall greatly reduce your heart disease risk? When you smoke, your blood vessels constrict raising your blood pressure, causing the release of hormones that work against insulin. This may raise blood sugar or increase your risk of getting diabetes to in case you already are not suffering from it.

While you work to keep your blood pressure in check, always talk to your health care provider about your target blood pressure goals.


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