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The secret to Fixing an Aching Shoulder

Extra Corporeal Membranous Oxygenation (ECMO)

Shoulder pain is something that we experience on a daily basis. A basic shoulder pain can have many reasons that are not due to any underlying diseases. It could be due to overuse, disuse, strain or sleeping on the wrong side. While other reasons can include; Shoulder Impingement- caused by tissues rubbing against each other; Rotator cuff Injury- damage to one or more of the shoulder muscles; Rotator cuff Tear- a tear in the tissues around the shoulder joint.

The most common and effective ways to fix an aching shoulder:

Cold compress can be used to reduce the swelling in the shoulder. It creates a numbing effect to the pain. Use a soft towel to cover the ice pack or bag of peas, whichever is available. Be careful to not put the ice pack directly on your skin.

Pain medication can be used in case of extreme pain. But if you are using medication for longer than 4 weeks, you must consult a doctor. The team of orthopedicians at Star Hospitals are very reliable and suggest the right medicines. There are many creams and gels that can be a substitute for these medications as they do not have any side effects.

Physiotherapy can be very helpful in case of extreme long term pains and post surgeries. Experienced Physiotherapists at Star Hospitals can guide you accurately and help you get the best results.

Shoulder exercises and stretches help in making the shoulders strong and flexible. One thing that should always be kept in mind while stretching is that it is necessary to STOP in case of severe discomfort. Visit an orthopedician at Star Hospitals if the pain does not reduce.

Surgery should be considered if there is a severe pain after 2-4 weeks, even after home treatment or medications. If you have swelling, redness or problems in moving the shoulder, you may want to discuss this with your doctor. Star Hospitals has one of the best teams of Orthopedic consultants and surgeons in Hyderabad that you can visit.

In case of a serious rotator cuff tear or shoulder dislocation, surgery is required. Usually surgeons suggest arthroscopy, which is a key hole surgery. The surgeon makes a small hole and uses a small camera to locate and fix the torn tissue. Consult surgeons at Star Hospitals in case of severe pain.

Star Hospitals has one of the best teams of orthopedicians and physiotherapists, who are especially skilled to give top quality service to the patients.




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