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Minimal Access Surgery



Our minimal access service uses a range of medical and surgical options to help manage common and potentially debilitating medical conditions. Minimal access surgery implies that a limited incision length or limited number of small incisions in the abdominal wall are used to gain access to the organs within the abdomen. This term is used interchangeably with minimally invasive, laparoscopic and keyhole surgery. It is the most important development in field of surgery since inception of surgery. This procedure essentially involves making of a small 5-10 mm incision/cut through which scope is passed to transmit images inside the closed cavity of abdomen with the help of advanced camera onto the screen (TV/ medical monitor). Surgeons can operate looking at the image with help of additional ports / instruments. Other benefits include great visual because of the magnification of structures achieved that are not seen with the naked eye, less bleeding, less pain involved, early discharge from hospitals, and the patients can also resume their work quickly within 3-7 days. Unlike the open traditional surgery, the laparoscopic surgery does not leave disfiguring scars and incisional hernias. In today’s scenario 70-80 % of gastrointestinal surgeries, hernias, gynaecological surgeries, paediatric surgeries, cancer surgeries, obesity surgeries, and thoracic surgeries can be achieved with laparoscopy successfully.

Services and Facilities:

The minimal access surgery services at the STAR Hospitals encompasses:

Gastrointestinal surgeries: Lap Hernias Cancer Surgeries
Lap Chole Lap Incisional Hernia Carcinoma Stomach
Lap Appendix Lap Inguinal Hernia Carcinoma Oesophagus
Lap CBD Expl+Chole Lap Umbilical Hernia Lap Hepatectomy (Hepatoma).
Lap Choledochal Cyst Lap Femoral Hernia Lap APR
Lap DU Perforation Lap Epigastric Hernia Lap Hemicolectomy
Lap Cardiomyotomy Lap Diaphragmatic Hernia Lap Retroperitoneal Tumour
Lap Fundoplication Thoracoscopy Carcinoma Cervix
Lap Vagotomy Mediastinal lymph node biopsy Ovarian Cancer
Lap Pancreatic Cyst Lung Biopsy Endometrial Carcinoma
Lap Distal Pancreatectomy Pleural Biopsy Surgical Endocrinology
Lap Hydatid Cyst Liver Lobectomy Lap Adrenalectomy
Lap Splenectomy Pneumonectomy Lap Thymectomy
Lap Rectopexy Thymectomy Urological Surgeries
Lap Adhesiolysis Oesophageal Leiomyoma Lap Nephrectomy
Diagnostic Lap +Biopsy Bariatric Surgeries Lap Pyeloplasty
  Lap Adjustable Gastric Band (LAGB) Lap Varicocele
  Lap Sleeve Gastrectomy Gynaecological surgeries
  Lap Gastric Bypass Diagnostic Lap+PCOD
    Lap Hysterectomy
    Radicle Hysterectomy
    Lap Ovarian Cyst
    Lap Ovarian Cyst
    Lap Salpingectomy
    Lap Myomectomy
    Lap Tubectomy
    Lap Tuboplasty

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