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With dynamic lifestyles and deviant dietary habits of the growing population, KIDNEYS tend to be the organs that are most afflicted primarily. With the increasing stress and work load, nutritious and balanced dietary routines have become a long-forgotten practise, which has led to a rise in the renal complications all over the world. Our team of determined consultants and top of the line technological establishment, Department of Nephrology, offers a host of specialized treatment options to a large number of advanced stage nephrological disorders, where we ensure to bear in mind the root causal factor of the disorder and ensure maximum efforts to prohibit the chance of recurrence.Renal Angioplasty, the Hypertension Care Unit includes an array of treatment options that specifically target hypertension related kidney diseases.

  • Inclusive of Renal Angioplasty, the Hypertension Care Unit includes an array of treatment options that specifically target hypertension related kidney diseases.
  • The Chronic Kidney Disease Unit focuses on prolonged healthy kidney function while ensuring minimal disruption in the patient’s everyday lifestyle.
  • The Glomerular Unit concentrates on provision of a systematic approach to diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the filtering apparatus of the kidneys.
  • Furthermore, The Stone Unit deals with diverse types of renal stones, which has become one of the insurgent complication of late among the growing population.

Our expertise has further enables us to offer pragmatic solutions to paediatric nephrological complications to ensure your child has a better tomorrow involving fun, health and happiness.

Urology is a surgical speciality involved in the management of disorders involving the Genito-Urinary system i.e. Kidneys, Ureters, Urinary bladder, Prostate and Male Genitalia – Penis and Testicles. Urological disorders are increasing due to various factors like westernization of dietary habits, smoking, alcoholism, stress, increased longevity etc. Urological disorders are seen across all age groups and gender. Miniaturisation of endoscopic equipment, availability of lasers, laparoscopic equipment and advanced gadgets have revolutionised the treatment modalities in the field of urology. The key to successful treatment is early identification of a diseases, hence we have special packages tailored to different age, gender and risk groups. With state of art technology and surgical expertise, STAR HOSPITALS is in the forefront in providing world class urological care to the needy at a very affordable cost.

The scenario of acute kidney dysfunction has led to a stark rise in the kidney transplantation graph across the globe. With this rising graph and deteriorating kidney function scenario, our earnest desire to ensure a healthy life to all those around us has urged us to extend advanced renal transplant services to a majority of the population that has been subjected to this dysfunctionality. Inclusive of a world class Renal Transplant ICU with therapeutic facilities, HEPA filtered modular operation theatres, proficient intensive care nurses and a resolute team of super-skilled Nephrologists, Urologists, Transplant Surgeons, Anaesthetists and Intensive care specialists, the Renal Transplant Program at STAR is yet another example of our unity, dedication and determination to ensure healthy lives and a happy living around us.


Our fervent dedication to bring you closer to a healthy lifestyle has always driven us to ensure veteran doctors and blue-ribbon facilities while also providing you with state-of-the- art technological advancements that ensure accuracy, precision and minimal pain at every step of your diagnosis and treatment. The true example of our ardent determination is the Ultra-Modern unit of Renal Dialysis that accommodates 30 dialysis stations and caters to an average of 1600 dialysis sessions in a month warranting for a healthy lifestyle to 100’s of happy patients.

Involves the use of specialized Endoscopic device for the treatment of various disorders. DELETE ….It is minimally invasive technique and aids in painless treatment and early recovery of the patient. Treatments for kidney stones, enlarged prostate etc. are some of the procedures done.

Majority of the Urological disorders which necessitated open surgical procedures are being done with minimal invasive procedures like Laparoscopy. Laparoscopic procedures helps in avoiding large incisions which result in severe post-operative pain and ugly scars. They reduce the length of the hospital stay and helps in early return to the work. Laparoscopic Nephrectomy, Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty are some of the examples of the procedures done in this manner. High end Laparoscopic equipment and surgical expertise have enabled us to deliver promising results.

A branch of urology which deals with reconstruction of Anatomical defects of Genito-urinary tract, Hypospadias, and Urethral Strictures.

A division of urology which deals with the cancerous lesions of the genitor-urinary tract. The expert team of urologists are well versed in managing Renal tumors with minimally invasive surgeries which result in complete cure and speedy recovery.

A majority of Genito-urological disorders are being diagnosed antenatal and a significant number of children are also being affected with various urological disorders. It is a challenge to treat this young ones with minimally invasive procedures. Surgical expertise and the state of art equipment enabled us to deliver best results.

This branch of urology (delete) deals with Infertility (delete) and Impotency in men. In nearly 50% of the Infertile couple male factor is the cause. If evaluated properly and the underlying cause is treated. there is a chance of achieving pregnancy. We have an expert team of doctors and infrastructure to deliver promising results. IMPOTENCY is on the rise due to several causes, we offer a thorough evaluation and varied treatment options to overcome this condition.

Women suffer with urinary problems like frequency, urinary incontinence, stress induced urinary incontinence which significantly affect their social and family life. Proper evaluation can identify underlying causes with simple and effective treatment modalities offering help immensely in alleviating the embarrassing urinary symptoms.

Dr. Rajasekhara Chakravarthi

Consultant Nephrologist

Dr. Gutta Srinivas

Consultant Urologist and Transplant Surgeon

Dr. G.Jyothsna

Consultant Nephrologist

Dr. Kalyan Kumar A.V

Consultant Urologist and Andrologist

Dr. Vijay Varma

Consultant Nephrologist

Dr. M.A.Raoof

Consultant Urologist