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Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy


The relevance of medicine in games and sports cannot be overstated. Humans have been playing sports since the dawn of civilization, with more and more people today, increasingly embracing sports that have once been reserved for the fittest and most talented. This makes sports medicine, with its comprehensive focus on all issues surrounding sports and exercise, from injury prevention to performance training, more important and relevant than ever. Although the momentum around involvement in fitness and sports activities has seen an upsurge, one cannot undermine the possibility of acquiring a sports injury that could prove to be detrimental in pursuing a career or passion for sports.

At Star Hospitals, we feel that any kind of injury should not act as a deterrent in realizing your career in sports. The body of a sportsperson is unique in its own self and warrants special care and attention. It is understood through experience that any injury alters the way an individual plays a sport. Our mission is to bridge these gaps of “before and after” an injury so much so that, it paves way for a hassle free career in sports.

Some of the most common injuries that occur include: Ligament sprains, ACL & PCL Tears, Rotator cuff Tears, Meniscus Tears, Shoulder Dislocations, Frozen Shoulder, Cartilage Injuries, Hamstring Muscle Strains, Elbow Tendinitis and Heel Pain. We employ “Stem Cell Treatment” which allows the body to heal by itself through regeneration. We strive to preserve each and every joint and help avoid an eventual joint replacement. In addition to it, special efforts are catered towards reducing the pain that is being experienced, by availing Image Guiding Injections.

Every sportsperson has a certain level of maximum athletic performance, which we strive to help one reach through our continuous efforts with the help of a dedicated team of sports nutritionists, physiotherapists and psychologists who ensure physical and mental fitness is maintained, throughout the course of recovery. This is a one-of –its kind center that helps sports enthusiasts and common people to get on to the road of recovery through a combination of clinical orthopedic surgery and rehabilitative medicine.

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