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Dr. Lokeshwara Rao Sajja

Senior Consultant Cardio Thoracic Surgeon

Dr. Siva Rami Reddy

Senior Consultant Dermatologist

Dr. PVLN Murthy

Consultant ENT and HEAD & NECK surgeon

Dr. Jagadeesh Babu K

Consultant interventional Cardiologist

Dr. B.R.Jagannath

Chief Pediatric Cardiothracic Surgeon

Dr. K.V.S.S.Sai Kiran

Consultant Cardio thoracic Surgeon

Dr. Sukumar Sura

Consultant Neuro Spine & Brain Surgeon

Dr. Chandana Reddy . I

Consultant Pulmonologist & Intesnsivist

Dr. Ramesh Babu Dasari

Consultant Paediatrician & Intensivist

Dr. Dilip Nandamuri

Consultant Physician and Diabetologist

Dr. B.Narsaiah

Consultant Surgical Gastro Enterologist

Dr. Suman Vyas

Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist

Dr. Sampurna Ghosh

Consultant ENT and Head-Neck Surgeon

Dr. J.V.K.Kishore

Consultant Paediatric Cardiac Intensivist & ECMO Specialist

Dr. Deepu Chundru

Consultant plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive surgeon

Dr. Sukumar Sura

Consultant Neuro Spine & Brain Surgeon

Dr. Kalyan Kumar A.V

Consultant Urologist and Andrologist

Dr. Mir Mubashir Ali

Consultant Dermatologist, Dermatosurgeon and Cosmetologist

Dr. G.Srinivas

Consultant Urologist and Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Ramanjaneyulu Erukulla

Consultant Medical Gastroenterologist

Dr. Vijay Kumar Agarwal

Consultant Physician & Diabetologist

Dr. T.N.J.Rajesh

Consultant Internal Medicine

Dr. Rajesh Podili

Consultant Joint Replacement Surgeon

Dr. Bala Rajasekhar Yetukuri

Consultant Nuero Spine &Brain surgeon

Dr. Nitin Rao

Consultant paediatric cardiologist

N. Rajashekar Reddy

Speech Therapist (Audiologist)

Dr. Ajay Singh Thakur

Consultant Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Surgeon

Dr. Neelam Venkatramana Reddy

Consultant Orthopaedician & Joint Replacement Surgeon

Dr. Lakshmi Kanth T

Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist

Dr. Bala Rajasekhar Yetukuri.

Consultant Nuero Spine &Brain surgeon

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