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With dynamic lifestyles and deviant dietary habits of the growing population, KIDNEYS tend to be the organs that are most afflicted primarily. With the increasing stress and incremental work load, nutritious and balanced dietary routines have become a long-forgotten practise, which has led to a rise in the renal complications all over the world. Consisting of a reverent team of determined consultants and top of the line technological establishment, our department of Nephrology, offer a host of specialized treatment options to a large number of advance nephrological disorders, where we ensure to bear in mind the root causal factor of the disorder and ensure maximum efforts to prohibit the chance of recurrence.

  • Inclusive of Renal Angioplasty, the Hypertension Care Unit includes an array of treatment options that specifically target hypertension related kidney diseases.
  • The Chronic Kidney Disease Unit focuses on prolonged healthy kidney function while ensuring minimal disruption in the patient’s everyday lifestyle.
  • The Glomerular Unit concentrates on provision of a systematic approach to diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the filtering apparatus of the kidneys.
  • Furthermore, The Stone Unit deals with diverse types of renal stones, which has become one of the insurgent complication of late among the growing population.

Our expertise has further enables us to offer pragmatic solutions to paediatric nephrological complications to ensure your child has a better tomorrow involving fun, health and happiness.


Our fervent dedication to bring you closer to a healthy lifestyle has always driven us to ensure veteran doctors and blue-ribbon facilities while also providing you with state-of-the- art technological advancements that ensure accuracy, precision and minimal pain at every step of your diagnosis and treatment The true example of our ardent determination is the Ultra-Modern unit of Renal Dialysis that accommodates 30 dialysis stations and caters to an average of 1600 dialysis sessions in a month warranting for a healthy lifestyle to 100’s of happy patients.

Dr. Vijay Varma

Consultant Nephrologist

Dr. G.Jyothsna

Consultant Nephrologist

Dr. Rajasekhara Chakravarthi

Consultant Nephrologist

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