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Why STAR Hospitals?

The patients who undergo these procedures are normally elderly people with concomitant medical conditions, which can make any kind of procedure risky.

To tackle this scenario of high-risk patients, technical expertise and cutting-edge technology is required.

STAR Hospitals is the best choice because we have the best professionals, and follow the best practices.


  • Excellent ICU

  • State-of-the-art Operation Theatre equipped with cameras that can record and transmit surgical procedures to anywhere in World

  • Pulsatile Lavage

  • Laminar air flow for minimum chance of infection reduced to less than 0.5%

  • Full fledged rehabilitation and physiotherapy center

  • Pain clinic for a painless post surgical recovery

  • The STAR Hospitals Joint Replacement Team is dedicated to achieving a better outcome for every individual

Specialized Services

  • 24 hrs Accident & Trauma Center

  • Arthroscopic Surgery : Keyhole Surgery for disorders of knee and shoulder

  • Joint Replacements for Knee, Hip & Shoulder

  • Pediatric Bone & Joint Surgeries

  • Fracture Treatment

  • Sports Medicine

  • Ligament Repair and Reconstruction

  • Pain Management

  • Osteoporosis

  • Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Program

The team that cares

We have a team of renowned medical experts who take the time to listen and thoroughly understand your health issues and concerns. A large percentage of our doctors and surgeons have been educated, trained or have worked in leading medical institutions around the World. Their commitment to providing top class medical care has won several awards and recognitions.

What differentiates the best from the rest? What matters most to our guest patients? Why should our guests choose us when faced with a health need? There is no dearth for service providers and the patient rightfully has a choice. Ultimately what makes the difference is the knowledge of past experiences at the hospital, either personally or through others.

That is why STAR hospitals functions with the core value of being “The team that cares”.

The success in providing a health care experience that matches or exceeds our guests’ expectations stems from our dedicated staff who participate in systems that provide a near seamless continuum of several interlinked activities in the hospital.

We have had our services and systems scrutinized by the NABH which is an ISQUA certified accreditation standard. We are constantly monitoring a variety of measures or indicators which give us a pulse of how well our processes are functioning and the nature of the outcomes. We have benchmarked these indicators and are proud to be on par with the highest global indices.

While the numbers speak volumes and boost our morale and self esteem, what cheers us on is the miles of smiles from our guests, the abiding testimony that we truly are the team that cares.

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